The SportsPro™ is a validated scientific instrument designed by the Self Management Group that has been used by professional and amateur sports teams for the past 30 years. The SportsPro™ has been extensively validated against objective performance metrics and has proven its longitudinal predictive validity.

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What does the SportsPro™ measure:

The SportsPro™ is comprised of 168 adjective and 96 attitudinal questions that assess the following traits:

  • Competitiveness
  • Mental Toughness
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Team Orientation
  • People Orientation
  • Analytical Orientation
  • Self Confidence
  • Pre-competitive State Anxiety
  • Sportspersonship
  • Goal Orientation
  • Athletic Identity

Each question is scored on a 5-point Likert scale from “Not at all like me” to “Definitely like me”. This way, a very precise and accurate representation of each athlete is provided, while inter-athlete comparisons and benchmarking procedures can be conducted.

Is the SportsPro™ accurate?

The SportsPro™ is a self-report instrument, and as such, an athlete’s overall scores are contingent upon how honest and forthright they were in their responding. The SportsPro™ however does measure socially desirable responses and contains baseline scales to control for response bias. These scales allow one to assess the reliability and accuracy of a given profile.

What other benefits does the SportsPro™ offer?

The SportsPro™ can also aid in the coaching and development of athletes. The assessment provides a “top-bottom” overview of each athlete, highlighting both their strengths and growth opportunities. This information can help coaches better understand their athletes, and thus allow them to personalize their coaching style, while also informing future developmental strategies for the athlete. Coaches can also complete a SportsPro™ and match their scores with their athletes. Large discrepancies in scores indicate a major difference in personality, and thus the need for a coach to tailor and customize their approach.

The SportsPro™ also contains a Career Management Assessment that provides athletes with a list of occupations and university courses that match their personality profile. This allows athletes to also prepare for their lives “off the field”.

Why should I take the SportsPro™

As an athlete, being consciously competent (knowing what you are good at and what you need to work on) is essential for development and improvement. As such, the SportsPro™ allows you to benchmark your scores against the professionals, so that you know how your mental game “stacks up”. By identifying your growth opportunities, the SportsPro™ will provide you with explicit coaching strategies that are specific to your personality scores. It is like having your own sports psychologist.

As a coach, the SportsPro™ provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the quality of athlete that you are selecting. Previous research has shown that when talent is held constant (all athletes are roughly the same) that character best distinguishes the “best” from the “rest”. As a coaching tool, the SportsPro™ will allow you to better understand your athletes, and thus allow you to customize and tailor your coaching style.

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