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The FitnessTrainerPro™ is a psychometric tool intended to help in the selection, matching, and development of Personal Trainers.

The profile assesses a variety of personality attributes that have been proven to be predictive of success in the personal training industry. This information can be used to help gym owners make informed selection decisions when hiring Personal Trainers, as well as introduce science into the matching of personal trainers with prospective clients. By matching clients and trainers according to their personality dispositions, a more synergistic relationship is likely to be forged, which can significantly impact the overall experience and adherence of the prospective client.

Finally, the FitnessTrainerPro™ provides very explicit and step-by-step coaching instructions for both the individual trainer and their manager. This information can help the personal trainer leverage their strengths, as well as overcome certain obstacles that may be impeding their growth and development.

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